WiCHacks is an all-women, 24-hour hackathon hosted by Women in Computing at RIT. A hackathon is a collaborative programming event in which participants create an app, website, game, or other piece of software over the course of the event.

This event is open to all skill levels: from women who haven't programmed at all, to the best women programmers out there, it will be a great day to learn, invent, and create the future!

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Keynote Speaker

Annette Warren

Annette Warren

President iSECURE, LLC

Annette Warren is the President iSECURE, LLC a Cyber Security company based out of Rochester, NY that is listed as one of the Top 100 Company’s in Rochester. A lifelong entrepreneur, with a business degree and experience in her family’s business, led her to the technology industry in the late 1990s. As a partner, alongside her husband, Annette helped pioneer an ISP and VoIP company when there were very few women visible in technical leadership roles. Annette’s determination and perspective allowed her to find creative ways to deliver go to market strategies for cutting edge technologies in a fast paced and ever evolving technical environment.

Essential Info


Louise Slaughter Hall
Rochester Institute of Technology


March 2-3, 2019


Getting There

For driving directions, RIT provides info on getting to RIT.

Busses are being provided to Buffalo, Brockport, Waterloo, Cornell, Ithaca, Syracuse, Le Moyne and Oswego.



All attendees must be female students currently enrolled at a college/university or high school.


10:30am - Attendee Registration Begins

11:30am - Lunch • Dinosaur Barbeque

12:00pm - Opening Ceremony

1:00pm - Team Formation Activity

1:00pm - Hacking Begins

1:00pm - Arcade & Games Open

2:00pm - TCGPlayer Tech Talk

2:40pm - ByteCubed Tech Talk

3:05pm - Wegmans Tech Talk

3:45pm - Harris Tech Talk

4:10pm - JP Morgan Tech Talk

4:35pm - Capital One Tech Talk

5:00pm - M&T Bank Tech Talk

5:25pm - Club Cafe Tech Talk

5:15pm - MLH Cup Stacking

6:00pm - Photo Booth Opens

6:30pm - Dinner • Olive Garden

7:15pm - Movie 1 & Popcorn

7:30pm - Yoga Session 1

8:10pm - Yoga Session 2

8:50pm - Yoga Session 3

9:15pm - Ice Cream • Bruster's

10:00pm - Movie 2 & Popcorn

11:00pm - Photo Booth Closed

Hacking continues overnight

12:15am - Midnight Sushi

6:00am - High school students can return

8:45am - Breakfast • BoxCar Dounut & Bruegger’s Bagels

10:00am - Soft Submission Deadline

You must have your team name and team members listed on Devpost

All other details are for personal portfolio

11:00am - Hard Submission Deadline & attendees prepare for judging

12:00pm - Lunch • Park Ave Paninoteca

12:00pm - Arcade Closes

1pm - 3pm - Judging Fair

3:30pm - Closing Ceremony


I identify as male. Can I participate?
While males cannot participate as hackers, we'd love to have you as a volunteer! You can sign up here.
Will you reimburse for travel?
We are unable to provide travel reimburstment.
Can high schoolers participate?
Yes! However, high school students must be dropped off by a parent. Full details will be provided via email.
What should I bring to WiCHacks?
Your laptop, chargers, and anything else you want to hack on, along with anything for staying overnight!
Does this event cost anything?
Nope! The event is completely free. Be sure to apply in advance to guarantee a spot.
How will I find a team to work with?
If you don't have a team yet, don't fret! There will be a team-formation session immediately after the kick-off.



Question unanswered?
Email us at [email protected]





Is your company interested in sponsoring WiCHacks? We would love to talk to you! Please email [email protected] for more information, or view our 2019 information packet.

Major League Hacking 2019 Hackathon Season